5 July 2022

A little bit about me!

I have trouble thinking of ideas for blog posts. So I suppose the most easiest thing to talk about is me!
So what can I tell you about?????? I will talk about computer games.
Yes I am a gamer and I live with a partner who is also a dedicated gamer as well. We don't spend all our spare time playing computer games, oh no that would be borderline madness but lets just stay that we have spent a whole weekend playing a game and only stopping if need be. However we haven't done this for a long time.
Anyway one of the things that we both love to play are flash games. Little games that you play on the internet to waste time (or to avoid doing proper work). Now for all you oldies out there you will remember point and click games. Games where you will spend all your time clicking the screen to pick up unusual objects and then using them in manners which would leave you wondering "why did I do that!".
What do you think about them?
Edited - 05/07/2022
Unfortunately most flash games have now disappeared which is a shame :(

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