About Me

Who am I?

Lets see, my name is Isla and I'm a UK designer / maker of tsumami hana kanzashi and I love them.

Really I love them a lot!

When I was planning my wedding the first thing I sorted out was the type of kanzashi that I was going to make for myself and the wedding party.

And now I want to spends my time designing and making beautiful kanzashi for you!  


I have been making them since 2007 after I saw a picture of them off a forum.  What can I say, tsumami hana kanzashi just appealed to my girlie side and since then I have filled up my flat with lots of flowers. 

Realising that space was short and my partner was not particular happy sharing his desk space with flowers, I knew I had to think of a solution where I can continue my kanzashi making so I thought why not make them for other people?  My friends like them why not the public and thus Kitty Kanzashi was born.  

Be it traditional or modern pieces, I am happy to make what every you desire.

I have a busy schedule as you may have guessed so if you are interested in following my life then this can be done in three ways.  One way is through my blog which you are reading right now, the other two are below.


What other things do I like?

My other passion is kimono which I have recently started to sew for myself because there just wasn't anything I wanted now.

Me at Jinney Ring Craft Centre for the filming of Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution
At a museum exhibit in Birmingham.

My outfit for the Sisterhood of the Travelling kimono
Yes if the space is not filled up by kanzashi then it is taken up by my kimono collection.

Also with a good friend, we founded of Kimono de Jack UK. The group's aim is to create events for kimono enthusiasts to meet and wear kimono (although this is not a requirement). Anyone is welcome to join, even if you don't own any kimono. Our requirements is just an interest in kimono and the willingness to spread the love.

You can keep up to date with this group in the following way;

Twitter - http://twitter.com/kimonodejackuk
Blogger - http://kimonodejackuk.blogspot.com/
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=135774129801596

Another Japanese fashion that I love is Lolita!!!

It appeals to my inner girly and I am in the process of building my lolita wardrobe by sewing most of my outfits.

My main interest is Classic and Aristocratic as those are the styles which best suit my personality and in my view the most ageless and workable with everyday life.

My latest skirt reflects the sort of wardrobe I am trying to create.