26 October 2010

What a lovely message

Woke up this morning and found this lovely email from my etsy inbox.

Hi there Ms. kittykanzashi!

I wanted to send you this message sooner but I don't have Internet at home. I received my order in the mail on Friday afternoon, all well and fine.

My little kanzashi pins are so lovely. The pattern on the kimono fabric is better than I hoped. And I love the dangling beads. You do good work. And the little stars you included was very thoughtful; I can see you're for customer satisfaction as well as hand-making your art.

Thank you so much for sending me my order. Again, please forgive how late this reply is.



That can't help but put you in a good mood for the day even when the weather forecast for the day is rain.

25 October 2010

Its Monday already!

I had a very busy but thoroughly enjoyable weekend because on Saturday, the first official Kimono de Jack UK took place in London.

After getting up a 07.00 and taking an hour to get dressed, I took the 08.27 train to London. Since it was so earlier, there wasn't many people out and about in Sheffield so I didn't notice any adverse reactions. Then again, seeing someone wearing a kimono is hardly the most eye-catching thing if one is living near a university.

Anyway, got to London at 10.30 roughly and went straight to the tube. Getting the tube wearing a kimono is always fun. You can occasionally catch the odd look from the other passengers who have this confused look on their faces. After getting off at Charing Cross, I made my way to Trafalgar Square, the tube station was signposted nicely however when I got to the surface I had no idea which way to go. Should I go left or right? So I decided to walk towards the biggest building that I could see which lucky for me was the National Gallery and in front of the gallery was Elizabeth (with her husband) and Lyuba.

Hong arrived a few minutes later because she went to Piccadilly Circus instead. Oh well, one can be forgetful after feeling ill and going to a concert the night before.

We waited for another 30 minutes because Lyuba mentioned that someone else would be turning up. During this time we took photos and had a good chat then as we were chatting away we noticed another soul in kimono. Surely this was our mysterious guest the Lyuba mentioned and she was!

After the usual introductions and more photos we went inside the National Gallery but we didn't stay for long because it was far too warm for us and Hong and I were not art lovers. Instead we headed for the nearest Starbucks since Lyuba was desperate for a coffee which was fine for all of us as we needed a place to have a seat down. Especially me, since my rain zori were hurting my feet.

After our little coffee break, we went to Japan Centre for a little bit of food shopping. I ended up buying a little grater for garlic and ginger and some wasabi peas (exciting I know!). Then off to Whittards of Chelsea on the same road as Japan Centre since Lyuba needed another tea fix (I think she has a tea addiction).

By this time it was around 14.00 and we were feeling a little peckish and our feets were tired but we couldn't come to London and not go into Minamoto Kitchen. Everything in that store looks all too good to eat especially the jellies.

Now we were feeling very peckish and even more tired so off we went to So Restaurants. Not sure why I suggested this restaurant, probably because it was close to Piccadilly Circus and reasonable priced. We were not disappointed in anyway, food was very nice and we were sat at the best table I have seen in ages. We were even joined by April and her husband, Kevin.

After our late lunch I had to be off because my train was 16.55 but not before some more photos for April and Kevin. Why did East Midland had to charge more for the 17.55 train!

So as Tegan and I were off to get the tube, the rest of them went off for some more shopping and the traditional Haagen Daz.

I tell you what, I was feeling very stiff the following morning because my zori had made me walk in a weird way so my poor calf muscles were stiff. I'm still feeling the pain today!

Anyway onwards to 13th November for the 2nd Kimono de Jack but this time in sensible footwear!

For photos of the day you will need to see April's and Lyuba's album on facebook.

22 October 2010

First Kimono de Jack UK tomorrow!

What an exciting day it will be tomorrow. Not only I will be seeing my friends in London for a good chat and lunch but it will be the first Kimono de Jack UK event.

Started up by Lyuba, we are both trying to organise events for kimono lovers in the UK to meet and wear their lovely kimono. We both feel that kimono should be worn everyday but it is hard to be the centre of attention for everyone so we are organising these meetings to encourage the inner kimono wearer.

Of course one has to take into account for weather and we are hoping that the weather in London will be dry and cool. Otherwise it will be ama coats and umbrella.

So what kimono am I going to wear! I thought it was time I began to wear my triplet kimono set which I won over a year ago. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one auction on ebay for three different coloured kimono but with the same pattern. Just had to have it!

I decided to choice the lavender/lilac one

and then team it with my re-decorated striped obi

I haven't decided on the obi-jime or obi-age but I am thinking of pale blue since the kimono has shades of blue on the leaves.

I am very excited!