31 July 2012

Wedding Dress - Escape by Monique Lhuillier

More dresses and this one is definitely has the out of this world feel.

By Monique Lhuillier one just took my breath away!

Escape by Monique Lhuillier

Why do I Love It!
What drew me to this dress is the lovely veil-like cape that the model is wearing.  I don't think for one second that it will keep you warm but it give a lovely ethereal look and I can only imagine what this dress would look like in some dramatic photos.

Also it gives an attractive alternative to wearing a veil.  If you want to float down the aisle but don't want the fuss of having a piece of fabric covering your face and covering your wonderful hairdo then this could be an option.

But it is not for me.....
Without the cape, this dress would look lovely with your hair up or down.  In fact some lovely Hollywood curls would be lush.  However as soon as the cape is added, I can only imagine it with an up hairdo.  I suppose my reason for this conclusion is that with your hair down it will obscure the back of cape but if you have shoulder length hair this shouldn't be a problem.

24 July 2012

Wedding Dress - ??? by Phillipa Lepley

When I saw this dress I just thought CUTE!!!!

??? by Phillipa Lepley
Why I love it!

Lately I have been thinking about making some aristocratic lolita dresses so I have been looking at some wonderful fabrics.  Therefore when I saw the lovely sheer fabric with those cute little flowers all over it I was giddy.

Those lovely cap sleeve are perfect for hiding any of those unsightly bulges that ones get around the armpit areas and provide coverage for brides who are concerned with exposing too much of their chest.  There is nothing like a little bit a security that a piece of fabric can give you.

Not For Me...

The dress it self I think will suit a lot of figures however I think it is the print or the flowers on the dress that will make or break it.

If you like dainty little flowers then this is great and even better if you are planning a spring wedding because it has that fresh look to it.

17 July 2012

Wedding Dress - Sapphire by Stephanie Allin

Stephanie Allin has showcased her 2013 collection and I noticed this little number!

However it was not a dress that caught my eye but a trouser and corset like top outfit.

Sapphire by Stephanie Allin
Why do I love it!

Before I got in touch with my feminine side I was very much a trouser girl until I was probably 21 years old.  At that age, I refuse to wear a skirt!  Of course I had them for family weddings but I hated wearing them.  Therefore if I was still of that mind frame then this might have been something I would be looking for.

Highly practical yet very feminine and you can really show off your lovely shoes.  I always thought it was a shame that a lot of brides would spend a lot of money on a pair of Jimmy Choo or Louboutins only to hide them under their skirts.

Maybe not my thing actually

It is definitely not one for you girlies who are planning a fairytale wedding and although trousers are brilliant I am not sure about these one for girls who have large calves like me!  On the other hand if you can get parallel leg trousers then I think it would be perfect for me but alas skinny capri like trousers are not for me.

10 July 2012

Wedding Dress - On A Night Like This by Stewart Parvin

I haven't posted a hippy style wedding dress so here is one from Stewart Parvin to address the balance.

On a Night like This by Stewart Parvin

Why I love it!

One of the things why I love hippy style wedding dresses is the carefree feeling that they give out and this number is perfect.  Designed to be worn off the shoulders this is perfect for brides who have a lovely pair to show off.

In addition, if you are feeling thrifty you could wear this dress again since it does not shout wedding dress.


Yes I said it, the dress does not shout wedding which for some brides is a big NO NO.  

Then the actual dress, perfect for anyone with a slender figure who has a nice pair of shoulders.  So unless you are planning to spend some time in the gym making yourself look good for the dress, I would go for something more structured which will play to your good points.  However you could get away with wearing some supportive underwear which will help you look your best.

9 July 2012

I Love Kanzashi - Mother Nature

I enjoy mixing vintage with modern fabric when I am making kanzashi.

Mother Nature by Kitty Kanzashi
Why?  Because I like using the bright vibrant coloured modern fabrics with the muted colours of the vintage fabric.

UK kanzashi maker
 Of course not all vintage fabric are muted in colour, some are quite stunning but that is for a later date.

Kanzashi by Kitty Kanzashi, UK
 These ones are a little bit bigger then my standard pair hairclips at 5cm in diameter but they are perfect to wear for all occasions.

You can wear then as an everyday clip to brighten up your outfit or maybe as an accent piece for a special occasion.  And if you are the suit of person who is not comfortable with wearing floral accessories then these would be perfect because they do not attract too much attention.

So if you are interested in these one then you can buy them here!


5 July 2012

I Love Kanzashi - Ivy Love Kanzashi Hairclip

Time to show you some kanzashi which I call my everyday kanzashi.
Ivy Love by Kitty Kanzashi

My friend a couple of years ago gave me a whole load of quilting fabric which were gorgeous but in small squares.

Well I was not about to let those fabric go to waste so I made tiny pairs of kanzashi hairclips.

This fabric has a light green leaf print all over it and in the above photo you can clearly see it.

Rather then leave it as that I added some falls on each flower so that when you walk they will swing.

Each kanzashi is only 3cm in diameter and with the falls the height of them is 6cm.

So what do you think?  Would these pair of hairclips make a lovely present for yourself or how about a friend?

Well whoever you buy these for, you can find them here.


3 July 2012

Wedding Dress - Deauville by Claire Pettibone

I have already shown one of Claire Pettibone dresses already.


However I can't help showing off one from her 2013 collection!

Deauville by Claire Pettibone
What I love about it

It is a nice simple dress but with a dash of colour which I am loving.  It is perfect for a bride who wants a touch of vintage.

This dress will look great on a boyish figure because the drop waist will give the illusion of a waist and that lovely back will leave no one in doubt that you are expressing your feminine charm.

Oh No Not For Me.

Steer clear of this dress if you are a pear shape because what helps the boyish figure will not work to your advantage.  It is also not for the well endowed ladies because you will not be able to hide any supportive underwear under this dress.

I Love Kanzashi - Cherry Blossom Haircomb

Is this one pretty!  The design was originally made using a pink fabric that I brought from Japan.  However as you can see from the pictures below, it can be made in different colours and fabrics.

Cherry Blossom Haircomb by Kitty Kanzashi
It was probably one of my first creations that I designed specifically with the intention of making it for my customers and I still love the shape of it.

This purple kanzashi was made to match a bridesmaid's outfit and I used vintage kimono fabric for this one.

Actually this photograph highlights a good point about kanzashi.  Often I get told by potential customers that they love my flowers but they would feel out of place or uncomfortable for wearing something so fancy.  However it is all to do with colour.  As you can see from the photograph above, this purple kanzashi blends in beautifully with my dark brown hair and will not attract unwarranted attention.

But if I had a lighter hair colour like blonde then this purple kanzashi will clearly standout.

This kanzashi is the opposite to the purple one, and was made for a bride.  Unfortunately I did not take a picture of this kanzashi in my hair but as you can see against the dark background it really striking.

So remember if you see a designs that you love but think it is not for me.  Do not think this is the end of the road.  All of my kanzashi are made to order so they can be customised to suit your personality and style.  Therefore whether you want an understated piece or something that will be seen at the opposite side of the room then let me know and I am sure I can help you!

For commissions then you can contact me via the following way.
  1. On my contact form,  http://kittykanzashi.blogspot.co.uk/p/contact-me.html
  2. Email, kittykanzashi@gmail.com