3 April 2017

Making a Dress - Navy spotted Lolita Sack Dress

I promised during my hiatus on blogging I have been sewing.  

This was the dress I made before I completed the lolita apron dress.


For some reason, I wanted to make a loose lolita dress.  I had the idea of making a dress which I could wear under any overdress or skirt.  So it had to be made from durable fabric which was not too fussy.


As every Otome no Sewing comes to the rescue and this time it is book 6.



I didn't have a fabric in my collection which would be suitable for making this dress and I thought it would be one of those projects where I would be looking for the fabric for a long time.

However luck would have it, one of my favourite haberdashery shops in Belfast was selling some cotton fabric and one just stood out from the rest.

It was a lovely herringbone weave cotton with white dots printed on top.  It was lovely and I brought the remaining 3 metres of it without battering an eye.

Funny thing is that it was only when I got home when I realised that the fabric was similar to the one used in the book.  Clearly a sign!


Yeah no photos I'm afraid.  Was just too excited to make it.


Yeah one sack dress!

This is the first dress I made which has such a high "waist" line.  I thought it would make me look pregnant but it didn't.  Maybe it is the overall look that helped.

Unlike any of my other lolita dress, no bow!

Lovely sailor collar.

I was quite please with my cornering skills.

Pockets because we can't live without them.

Sleeve details.  Just the cotton trim something simple but very striking.

The original design was a bit too short for my liking and it didn't occur to me during pattern drafting that this needed to be lengthen so I went with the easy option and added some frills. 

Which was a good choice as I think it made it less look like a pregnancy dress.

Once I finished making the dress, it dawned on me that it also makes a lovely summer jacket.  So this this actually the most useful clothing item I have made to date.

2 April 2017

Making a Dress - Lolita Apron Dress

It has been too long!

Really it has and I have no real excuse but sewing, games and kanzashi have been taking up a lot of my time and unfortunately I always get carried away and forget to update you lot.

So start now I will do my best to report on each of my new creations whether it is sewing, kanzashi or kimono.

So today I have for you my latest sewing project completed today.


Continuing on with my aim to make a lolita work wardrobe I have decided it is time to make another apron style JSK.  They are very versatile as they can be paired with any of my work shirts and are very comfortable.

As always my Otome no Sewing mooks have come through and I have found the one I will based my JSK on.

As this is for work, I omitted the shoulder frills, lace and pintucks along the bottom.  I wanted this to me nice and simple so it could be worn often and it can be washed easily.


Finally I am able to make a little dent in my fabric hoard and I decided on a nice grey with shots of red kimono bolt.

There is a faint floral pattern woven into the fabric as well which make it a little more interesting.


As with all my dresses made from kimono bolt is the width of the fabric.  Luckily the bodice pieces all fit perfectly and although the pattern calls for a circle skirt I went a rectangle skirt to make things easier (oh famous last words).

 Here are pockets and bodice pieces on the fabric.

And here is where the construction photos ends.  I always end ups sewing in the afternoon and the lighting in my flat is terrible so photos are the last thing on my mind.

I will try better in the future.

Finished Dress

Here it is!

Isn't is dainty?

As I used no trimmings on the dress I decided it was a good time to practice my topstitching.  I used red thread to complement the red in the fabric.

As always a lovely bow is needed.

I may have made it a little small on the waist but I had just had my lunch so maybe that is the reason for it being tight?  Well it is a good enough excuse.

And I can't live without pockets so this one just had to have them as well.

Now time to look at my to-do list and tick some things off.

5 August 2016

Summer break with family and Pom-Pom mania

It is my annual summer visit to my family and normally I would go back home for a week with nothing to do.

But not this time as I have a new book!

Pom-pom animal head!!!

Perfect hobby for travelling since all I need to bring with me is a pair of scissors and the pom-pom maker and I can buy the wool when I'm home.

I had some wool in my flat so I had to practice making a couple of pom-pom to see how tightly I need to wind the wool.  Therefore once I had the chance to go Hobbycraft I went wool shopping.

Brought 3 colours, black, pale blue and pale yellow but on the same day, my mother-in-law took me to a local knitting shop to find some specific wool for a bichon frise.

The first thing I had to make was a sootball from the Ghibli Animations.

Then I thought, I might as well bite the bullet and start on the bichon frise called Bertie.  The wool I used is a lot thicker then the one recommended in the book so I thought the best course of action is the wind it as tightly as possible to get it as much wool as possible.  Then two smaller pom-pom for the ears.

Now a little bit of trimming and felting and volia!  We have a Bertie.

However it didn't look right to me so I thought I would make a second one and made it with a more of a nose.

This time it looked a bit more like a doggie.

I will have plenty of wool left to make another one which I probably will.

27 July 2016

More pom pom fun.

Since I had a week to kill, I made a few more pom pom animals.

Next was a little sheep.

It was a cute thing to make from the book and relatively easy compared with Bertie.

And since I had plenty of the wool remaining from Bertie, I though I should made the first thing in the book which was a teddy bear.

He turn out quite big and fluffy.

So far my little pom pom collection looks like this.

There are actually a lot more sootballs but they are hanging from a lampshade in the lounge.

However I still had loads of googly eye from the sootballs.  What could I make to use them up?  Oh yes a little spider with eight eyes. 

Isn't she sweet!  I even sewed a little string so she can hang downwards.  

Well I'll be going back to Belfast the next day so that is the end of my pom pom adventure for now.  I must make another Bertie as I feel there is a lack of cuteness to the ones I made, I'm sure I will get there.

29 June 2016

New obi for furisode musubi playtime.

So I have begun playing with musubi that are normally tied for furisode at Coming of Age day.

However the obi I have at the moment are not suitable.

They are heavily woven with metallic thread which makes them perfect for a formal otaiko but rubbish for those fancy musubi.

So it was time to do a little bit of hunting.

I asked a friend what would be a good search term for these special obi and she recommended I search for "furisode obi" so off to the internet.

First stop Rakuten, and although I found what I was looking for, they were pretty expensive so I went back to my usual shopping channel eBay.

There is one seller who I thought would have what I wanted and sure enough I was lucky to find them.

Here is the one I chose.

It is a pretty rainbow obi which should be okay with some of my more fancy kimono but it is very soft and flexible.  Perfect!

However while I was browsing, something caught my eye.


Isn't it pretty!
Blank part of the fukuro obi

At first glance it looks like a standard fukuro obi but!!!

It is split into two at one end!

 This is the underside of the obi but in between the split is this orange part.

How weird is this obi?  So of course I brought it and now I am thinking of musubi to tie with it.

26 June 2016

Musubi Time - Beginning

As a kimono enthusiast, I love looking at furisode musubi.

As such I have two books.

First book is this one which we will call book A


And second book is this one which we will call Book B


They are all very fancy and very pretty.  Unfortunately there isn't much occasion to wear them so I though wouldn't it be good to tie them using a hanhaba obi?

So from Book A,

And from Book B,

Lets see how far I can get through the books.

25 June 2016

Commission update!

Work has been a bit busy of late so my weekends are getting very precious.

However I managed to complete one commission for one customer who wanted a lined lolita hakama skirt.

And now I am on my second commission.

This time an unlined one but in a cotton/linen fabric.  She wanted a skirt that was suitable for hot weather hence the fabric choice.

Just before I started ironing the pleats.

And after ironing, this is only the front panel and the most complicated one.

Look at the crisp pleat!

Tomorrow I will cut the remaining panels and being sewing!