29 June 2012

I Love Kanzashi - Muted Green Kanashi Hairband and boutonniere

Here is another one that I made from my fabric stash that I have been building since 2008.

Muted Green Kanzashi Set by Kitty Kanzashi
This kanzashi set is made using the same principle as Candy Amore which I talked about a couple of days ago

We often see kanzashi being made using very girlie colours but I understand that not everyone can wear such colours so when I saw this piece of fabric, I thought why not use it to make a tsumami kanzashi.

I used the traditional ume or plum blossom flower arrangement for this one and in addition, I used some gold mizuhiki corde to finish it off.

If you are wondering what mizuhiki cord is then it is Japanese paper cord!  It is often used to make adornments for their cards and they come in all sorts of colour.  It is quite stiff to use has a nasty habit of unravelling especially if you are doing some knot decoration with it.

If you like this kanzashi then you can see it in my etsy store here.

27 June 2012

An Evening with Immodesty Blaize!

There are days when you think I have to go to that event and yesterday was one if those days.

As ever reading the facebook grape vines I heard if Sparklewren opening up her corset boutique. Great I love corsets however there was one thing that really grabbed my attention and that was the appearance of Immodesty Blaize!

Yes I went eeeekkkk when I read that name so I brought my train tickets. Of course I had to wear a kimono but this seems like the perfect time to wear one with a corset! Originally I wanted to wear my purple corset with the white and purple yabana kofurisode but it just did not work. So I used my faithful black corset and wore my latest ro kimono.

Perfect! Train tickets brought and outfit sorted, all I needed to do now is wait. Rather then moan about the trains being delayed I will skip to the opening. I got there just in time for Immodesty Blaize posing in the window display.

She was wearing a gorgeous corset dress made by Sparklewren and she looked lovely! I took a lot of pictures here because the light was good. 

After a little champagne, my friend and I started to chat with Sparklewren herself. She heard about me because I mentioned on twitter that I was going to turn up in kimono and corset so instant recognition.

She had a few piece out on display and oh gosh I wish I had the money. Lovely corsets with lace and crystals completely impractical to wear but a girl can dream. 

We even got a chance to talk to Immodesty Blaize and of course the conversation turned to kimono! I think she would look lovely in a hiki!

Anyway that was my short adventure in meeting Immodesty Blaize!

I love Kanzashi - Candy Amore

You can not love kanzashi without loving fabric.

Candy Amore by Kitty Kanzashi
I called this one Candy Amore because the pink reminds me of candy or sweets and amore because I love it.

The fabric I used is a small piece of vintage juban or kimono fabric but is is lovely and it is a shame I don't have any more of it.

For pieces like these I always use more then one fabric because it makes the vintage fabric stand out more.  Lucky I had a baby pink that matched the colour of the vintage fabric which brought out the best in the fabric.

If you are interested in this kanzashi then why not see in my etsy store!

Alternatively, if you would like a custom made kanzashi then why not contact me via email kittykanzashi@gmail.com or on my form http://kittykanzashi.blogspot.co.uk/p/contact-me.html

25 June 2012

I love kanzashi - USA kusudama

I really do love making kanzashi so I am going to show one off every other day.

Here is the first one which I based on the USA flag.

USA kusudama

I was inspired to make this because of my lovely American friend!  I also make a Union Jack one as well for her but that is another post.

Even though the design turned out just like I imagine, I was still amazed how it looks.  Even with spiralling nature of the design, you can still see the USA flag design perfectly well and the shiny diamant√© provide the perfect stars on the flag.

I did actually think about putting on 50 stars but then it dawned on me that this would be impossible so I just put enough on to give the impression of the stars on the flag.

21 June 2012

Wedding dress - 9552 By Justin Alexander

Opps I forgot this week's wedding dress how forgetful I am.

We are all very familiar with the Grace Kelly's wedding dress and here is one that is almost a spitting image!  It is dress number 9552 by Justin Alexander.

9552 by Justin Alexander

What I love about this dress?

I would fall in love with this dress just for the detailing but what really tweaked my ears was the lace blouse.  Yes you heard right a lace blouse!  

Below is a picture of the dress without the blouse which is just a standard sweetheart neckline but in my opinion the blouse really makes the dress look stunning.  

Hmmm This is not for Me!

Okay with the blouse on, it maybe too modest for some brides and you could be mistaken for a giant lace doily.

And although I love sleeves, they are a mixed blessing.  Sometimes they can flatter your arms while other times they just show the world how big they are.  Overall I think this would work great for brides who are self conscious of their arms but there is a limit.  If you have very broad shoulders then the blouse may not work to your advantage.  

12 June 2012

Wedding Dress - Trumpet by Lusan Mandongus

There I am looking through Lusan Mandongus 2012 collection and one dress stood out.  Actually it was the back of the dress that I was attracted too

Trumpet by Lusan Mandongus

Why I love this dress!
I mentioned that I was attracted to the back well here is a closeup of the back detail.
Isn't it gorgeous!  

It looks so decadent yet understated at the same time.  Really I love this little detail a lot.  Not to mention this dress would be perfect for a bride who wants to have a retro hairstyle on her special day.  This dress just oozes glamour puss!

Maybe Not.
This is tricky because like last week's dress, this one would work for many brides.  Although don't forget to to wear some slimming pants or hit the gym to tone up your legs and arms because this dress is unlikely to forgiving.

5 June 2012

Wedding Dress - Style 11187 by Ellis

I'm in the mood for a flowing wedding dress and Ellis Bridals has come to the rescue.

Why I love it!
I know silk is made from the cocoon of silk worms which have to be killed in order to obtain the long silk filaments which is used to make the fabric but I love the stuff!

One of my all time favourite fabric is chiffon because it is floaty light and this dress is draped in chiffon.  Therefore the dress will have a lovely dreamy feel and I bet it would look lovely when photograph in a slight breeze.

The dress also has a retro feel to it even though I don't think it is and also rather then peppering the dress with sparkle, the designer has just added some crystal embellished straps.  I am very happy that strappy wedding dresses are coming back in fashion because I love the security that straps offer on dresses.

Oh No This Is Not For Me
I can see this dress fitting many female figures because it has such a flattering design.  However the only area of concern for me would the shoulder and upper arms.  If you have particularly broad shoulders or large upper arms, I can see those straps emphasising those area which may not be very flattering.

1 June 2012

Don't you love a giveaway!

For the past 2 years I have been expanding my sewing skill set because I'm getting a bit tired of seeing the same clothes in shops every week and I want to own some retro inspired dresses.

So I start to follow a number of blogs which post clothes tutorial and how to improve your sewing skills and one of them posted a pattern giveaway!


I have never heard of Jamie Christina before but her blog and website has some wonderful patterns and tutorial!  I will of course tweak them a little but they do look good.