31 January 2010

As promised

So yesterday me and my kimono friends went to the Tokyo Day promotion event and although the event was pretty standard it was great to see my friends again after Christmas.

There are far too many photos for me to comment so here is the link to my flickr account for the day.



29 January 2010

I am soooo weak!

I hate Ryu trading sales!

Just when I have convinced myself that I do not need another two piece kimono and being told by my boyfriend that I can't buy another one. I have ignored my rational decision and brought one. And here it is a nice grey stripy one which should be easy to look after.

Oh I'm going to have a hard time explaining my kimono collection to my boyfriend when we get a place together.

Trip to London tomorrow!

Wow hasn't January flown by!

It has been awhile since I have meet up with my kimono friends so time to organise another get together.

Hong mentioned that on 30/31 January 2010 at Queen Elizabeth conference centre there is the "Tokyo Day" event. I went to this last year with the same people and apart from being made part of the exhibit it was a nice day out.

My outfit for the day will be my two piece kimono which I can't wait to try out on the public.

I will try and take as many interesting photos of the day.

P.S For those of you who are interested, it is also the same place that the Iraq Inquiry hearing is being held so I am wondering what the security will be like. I doubt they will be working tomorrow so hopefully I will not be arrested for waiting outside for my friends.

24 January 2010

Wedding dress colour nightmare part 2

I need a good rant!

Ok some of you already know that I had a disagreement with my mother regarding choice of wedding dress colour. Now I would like to inform you that I have not actually booked anything for my wedding. All I am doing is deciding on colour!

Well I thought it had all been settled however since I have mentioned my future wedding to her she has begun her campaign of criticising my decision hoping that I will come to her way of thinking.

Of course a purple wedding dress is a little unusual but nothing in my life is normal and I like strong colours so for me white doesn't fit my personality. In any case, I am having a corset wedding dress which can not be brought off the rack so the option of purple is possible. And the good thing about this dress is that I can wear the corset again! I always hated the idea of buying a garment for only one occasion.

However my mother's reason against the colour is as follows

1) You must consider other people's expectations
2) Related to above, as it will not conform to people expectations, they will not say you are pretty on your wedding day. Which is the whole point of the day.
3) Friends and family will think that this is not your first marriage
4) It will be hard to find
5) You will not look like a bride
6) It is not in fashion to wear purple for your wedding since the majority of wedding dresses are white
7) You can not wear your wedding dress again! (Mother doesn't like the idea of me wearing part of the dress again)

I think those are her arguments against my colour choice in a nutshell.

I feel like I am being hounded by my mother to follow in her way of thinking and I am worried that the wedding will end up being what my mother wants rather then what me and my boyfriend think will be fun.

I know I should consider my mother's feelings and I have relented on my insistence of a blue dress. She has already expressed her wish that the ceremony and reception should be in the same place which is only possible if the food and drink is good.

What next? The choice of engagement and wedding ring?

She is making me out as being a selfish b*&!h and this is only over the colour.

23 January 2010

Free time so some kitsuke practice.

I have the house to myself and since I haven't been practicing any kitsuke since the last get together with the girls I thought it was time to try on some new items.

My two piece kimono from Ryu without an obi.

I like this casual look and it was easy to put on, easy to maintain neatly and very comfortable. I am actually enjoy lounging about in this. Note to self, need to buy more so I can wear them around my house in future.

Then I thought I would try my first michiyuki with this kimono.

Everytime I buy a haori or michiyuki I always forget how long the garment will be and this is certainly the case here. I originally thought it would only come down to my knees but it actually comes right down to my ankles. Nevermind, at least it will protect my kimono from rain when I wear it.

The interesting thing I found on my michiyuki is the concealed pocket on the inner front to hold little bits and piece. Of course whatever you put in this pocket will have to be flat or it will show on the front. I will need to streamline my purse contents before I can use this or I can just use it to carry my mobile.

11 January 2010

Job hunting time!

Ok holiday time is over and I have to think about finding a job.

So after a couple of calls to recruitment agencies I may have something in the pipeline. Of course I have to see the recruitment consultant in London on Wednesday at 1pm to make sure they understand what I want.

So if anyone is in London that day and want to have an early lunch around Moorgate then give me a call!

On a side note, I have just installed skype on my computer, who is on skype?


My interview with the recruitment agency is now in the Holborn area however I will probably go to Japan Centre for hand to waste time and see if they still sell that cute neko glass cup.

9 January 2010

New Kanzashi

It has been a while since I had a white birthday but what would you know it has happened.

I don't celebrate my birthday so as a treat I decided to make another kanzashi for myself and to sell possibly.

It is make up of 4 blue lillies accentuated by three gold flowers (these have been made from small gold bead caps, white pearls and gold mizuhiki), not sure why I chose blue since I could have made it in yellow, orange, white etc. Maybe I wanted to have a calming colour.

Quite cute I think.

7 January 2010

Snow everywhere

Well hasn't it been eventful the past two days. Snow everywhere and the UK is stuck.

I have to admit it does look lovely, all white and fluffy but it a little bit cold. I suppose the good thing about it is that I don't have to worry about getting into work since I don't have one. However I think it is hampering my efforts to find another one.

Here is the view from my parents back garden. It was taken when it is still snowing and I have to say the view is lovely!

Only inch or so has settled so it is hardly a lot but suprising how little snow can grind the country to a halt. My boyfriend is in Canada and an inch of snow is nothing.

At least my parents don't have to worry about heating since we have a lovely little wood/coal burning stove keeping the lounge warm.

2 January 2010

A new year and hopefully better luck

Already a day has gone for 2010 and what a year I have waiting for me.

First, find a new job since I quit my last one. I hate auditing and they gave me a way out so I took it. I am hoping that I will find something soon or my mother will force me to go to the gym in a bit to get me out of the house more.

Second , sort out my brother's badly organised wedding which is in just over 2 weeks time. He has never organised anything in his life effectively and has not asked for help. Somehow I think he is trying to prove a point to Mother and I but to use your wedding day is not a wise move.

Third, get my butt in gear and sort out my kanzashi designs. I have a few that are just waiting to be made and since I have the time I should get on with it. Not to mention designs for obi musubi bags. I have a couple of ideas but I need to make mini mock ups to find the best design.

Fourth, figure out what I am going to do in 6 months time as hopefully my boyfriend will be back in the UK for good with a job. Seeing him for only 2 weeks every 3-4 months is just not enough time and I miss him like mad. I am getting more emotional as I get older and I hate crying.

Fifth, control my kimono buying habit. I received my latest kimono shopping spree a couple of weeks ago and I don't have any more room. However I do love the yabane kimono and I have a good feeling that the two-piece kimono will be worn often when I get a place of my own (with my boyfriend).

Sixth, Final Fantasy 13 is out this year and when that comes out, I will be getting a PS3 and I can't wait! It feels like it has been ages since FF12 was out and my boyfriend and I need a new game to play.

There are probably more things that I will need to do but nothing of great importance.