29 May 2012

Wedding Dress - Facile by Cymbeline

I'm feeling very retro these days and as I look back through the ages there is one era that I seem to glance over.  The flapper era!

Facile by Cymbeline
Why Is This Gorgeous?

I love this dress because it is so cute!!!!!  This dress is perfect for a little beach wedding or if you are planning a whole day of dancing.

It is also a wonderful dress for you ladies who have a boyish figure.  I always feel that it is the dress that should make you look beautiful, not the other way round and this is a perfect example.  So what you do not have a hourglass figure, it does not mean you can not look girly and fab.  This is a light and delicate dress which clearly shouts femininity but doesn't not need the wearer to have curves.

I only wish I can wear a dress like this!

Oh no this is not good

As I mentioned above, this is a dress for someone who has a boyish figure because of the cut.  Not that someone who has curve can not wear it but I feel it will not play to your advantages.

And it is certainly not for ladies who have a wide hip, that sash detail will accentuate the width and possibly blow it out of proportion.

22 May 2012

Wedding Dress - Toulouse by Claire Pettibone

Vintage style dress are back in the limelight so here is one for you to have a look at!

Toulouse by Claire Pettibone

Why I love it?

Of course you can't have a vintage style wedding dress without any lace however it is the little details that drew me to this dress.

First there are the little bows on the skirt.  How cute are they!  Not only they add details but the long tails will flutter nicely as you walk down the aisle.

And second, I love how the top part of the dress is constructed.  You can see that the material used on the sleeve is the same fabric as the side and back of the dress.  This adds a lovely continuity to the dress which shows off a little bit of the flesh without being too brazen.


Apart from having a flawless back to be able to wear this dress I think the only other issue would be the sort of legs needed to get away with the dress.  As the bows are situated around the thigh area of the dress this will draw attention to this area therefore if you are in anyway self conscience of your legs then either get to the gym (boring), get a pair of leg shaping underwear (ugly) or choose another dress.  The choice is yours.

15 May 2012

Wedding Dress - Marigold by Jenny Packham

At first glance it doesn't look too daring does it but look again!

Marigold by Jenny Packham

Have you noticed the back?

Why I love it!

I love this dress because of the back or be it the lack of the back.  From the front, it looks like a simply halterneck dress with a little bit a detail on the neck however it has a plunging back which is just scandalous! Of course the little straps on the sides will prevent any embarrassing moments and it is those little details which I like!

This is certainly a dress where you can wear your hair up or down depending on how much coverage you want but it is simply divine.

Oh no this is not for me

Yep this is a dress that I personally could not wear because one I am short and two I don't have the slender figure to show off the dress as intended.

And apart from being white, you could be mistaken that this isn't a bridal dress at all which I know some people do not like.

14 May 2012

How many of you would loss weight for your wedding day?

I have always said that it is the wedding dress that should make you look good!

By all means go the the gym and tone up your muscles but this article from the Daily Mail is just worrying.


Why were these brides driven to starve themselves to look good for one day of their life?

Did they believe it was normal for bride to be to look slim for their day?

It got me thinking about my experiences as it was only a few months ago when I had my mother telling me to get to the gym because I would look better toned up for my wedding.  My mother keep telling me that I would look better if I lost a couple of inches here and there despite I was going to be wearing a corset and my skirt was going to be hiding any lumps and bumps on my lower half.

I resisted at all cost because I couldn't see the point of stressing about such a minor point and my husband himself said it was not needed as I will look good no matter what.  And on the day I don't think I look too big, my corset made my waist to a nice 26 inch waist.  This is my normal corseted waist so I wasn't in any pain if you were worried.

Where does this image of a slim bride comes from/?

I know every brides wants to look their best but please remember that looks is only skin deep and in the end of the day, you are marrying a person who will love you no matter how you look.

8 May 2012

Wedding Dress - Astrid by Bruce Oldfield

He was one of the designers that were considered for the Royal Wedding and you can see why with this dress!

Astrid by Bruce Oldfield

Why am I dreaming it?

If we forget about the lace which is hard to do when there is so much of it, I love the mermaid skirt which works well with how the lace drapes.

And then there is the collar which I have not seen before.  It is a round neck upright collar which resembles something from one of the sci-fi anime that I have watched but this is good by the way.  It adds an interesting  twist to a dress which would have look traditional in every way.

No This is not the dress for me

I love this dress a lot but the only thing that makes me back off is the arms.  They are very tight which for someone who has large upper arms is a bad thing because this will make them look bigger.  Of course there is a high chance that this can be altered however the style of arms isn't something that I would go for.

1 May 2012

Wedding Dress - Look 4 by Vera Wang

I can't help myself but here is another Vera Wang creation!  This is her Spring 2013 collection and the colour is to die for!

Look 4 by Vera Wang

Why do I love it!

If you look very carefully at the skirt you can see a mermaid dress silhouette underneath the honeycomb tulle skirt which means you get two skirts for the piece of one!  

Then there is the corset bodice which will help the bride to look their very best on their special day.  Why spend all your time in the gym to look good in a dress when you can get the dress to do all the work?

This will also be available in white and ivory as well by the way if you want something a bit more traditional.

Oh dear, maybe not!

I'm afraid this dress isn't good for the well endowed brides!  The halterneck style top will just draw everybody's attention to this area and this may make you a bit self conscience.  I know I would feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Also you will need to make sure you have a good set of shoulders because the halterneck will be covering up all of your chest so you will need to have something else to display.

Now I never had any problems with mermaid style skirts but if you are not comfortable in walking with your knee touching and do not feel like practising then opt for a skirt with less restriction.