30 October 2011

Kimono de Jack UK Anniversary

It has been a year already since KDJ UK began!

Where did the time go?  Whatever the time there was only one way to celebrate and that is to visit the same location as we did one year ago which was Trafalgar Square.

Weather prediction said it was going to be a good weather for kimono which is under 20 Celsius and slightly overcast.  However you can never be too careful so we planned for the worse case scenario.

I arrived around noon due to my train and greeting me was the kimono de jack group with a new attendee! Her name is Stephanie and she happen to be visiting London at the same time as our anniversary and couldn't believe her luck that she was able to attend our Kimono de Jack.

After a few photos around Trafalgar Square we got on the bus to Nizumi. We got a little bit confused by the building numbers but we got there and had a lovely lunch!

I had a lovely Tendon.....

while the others had chicken katsu curry, teriyaki salmon, 

teriyaki beef bento box and fried chicken udon noodles.

All our lunches where very nice by the way.

After lunch we slowly walked back to Piccadilly Circus to look at the shops along the way.  We went into the M&M world but was disappointed by the lack of M&M!  :(  However they did have a nice elevator which we had to take a picture of.

After our disappointing discovery we went to our favourite wagashi shop, Minamoto Kitchoan!


They were holding a tea ceremony so we all had tea serve to us.  The lady was quite stern with us but liked the fact that we wore kimono.  She pointed out my mofuku obi but I explained that I understood what the black symbolised but I was dressed for Halloween.

Then off to japan centre so I could buy some onigiri for the journey home.  It was very busy but we fought our way round to get what we wanted.

It was only 16.30 and although my train didn't depart until 18.55, I wanted to get to the station because my feet were tired.  Also everybody else was tired after walking around London.

Our next planned kdj is in December at the Birmingham Christmas Market! November hasn't been scheduled because a lot of us are busy and need to save our pennies for Christmas time but we might organise some local meetups around where we live.  So keep following our facebook or tweets to see what is happening.

7 October 2011

10 days left!

Yep you heard it only 10 days left of being a single girl and the final element of my wedding has arrived in the post.

My purple wedding dress is just as I imagine and when I put it on it was just what I wanted.  Part of me feels that I missed out on the whole wedding dress experience because although I visited a couple of bridal shops, I didn't try on any wedding dresses.  However I think I made the right choice and all that needs to be done now is get it the reception without any incident.  That should be fun!