28 July 2010

All packed and ready to go!

It has nearly been a month since my last post, I think?

So what has happened during the last month.......

I am engaged to my boyfriend of 10 years. There was no proposal, no getting down on one knee and no surprise involved. We both felt that it was the right time so we agreed that marriage was the next step.

We have found a flat in Sheffield city centre which has a great view and we are moving tomorrow.

Oh and since we are engaged, the wedding argument have begun between me and my mother. Today's argument has been my selfish and frugal behaviour toward the wedding ideas. My mother asked me to find a venue where you can have the ceremony and reception all in one. Of course this place is a nice hotel so the hotel staff suggested that I could get ready in one of their room. This sounded like a good idea as it mean that I do not have to worry about getting my dress and hair messed up by the wind and I will be on time. At first my mother thought this was a good idea but then she wondered about the wedding car. I said that if I was getting ready at the hotel then the car is not needed. This was the start of my mother ranting and raving that I was being selfish and frugal because I didn't want a wedding car. This then progress to my mother complaining that my wedding ideas where too English and that there is not Chinese traditions involved. So I asked her what traditions would she like to see but she was sulking like a child and just kept saying that it doesn't matter.

My fiance and I are thinking of getting married in October 2011 so I will have 15 months worth of mother telling me that I am being too selfish, childish, modern, English, controversial ........

You can fill in the blanks.

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shigatsuhana said...

Oh dear! I'd tell you to go to Gretna Green or to Vegas, but I want to come to your wedding. Is that selfish of me? ;)