25 November 2011

How to Plan a Wedding - Part Six - Location, Location, Location (again)

So we talked about registry offices but if you are planning a non-religious wedding then that is not your only choice.  You can also get married at "Approved Premises" as they are called.

Approved Premises are places that have been granted a licence by the council to hold a marriage ceremony.  Normally these premises are stately homes, hotels or restaurants and most of the time the local council will have a list of such premises.

Here is the list for Southend on Sea


and this one is for Solihull.


As you can see the council website ends up being your friend here.

Then last but not least there are the religious ceremony.

If both of you wish to get married in a place of worship then you probably already have an idea of where you would like to get married.  However if you are like my friend who was a Catholic, she found two Catholic churches she would like to get married in and it was only after a conversation with the Father that she finally made her choice.

When it comes to getting married at a place of worship, it is best to contact the person in charge of marriages at the religious building to see what needs to be done.  The reason for this is that not all places of worship have a licence to hold a marriage and if the place has a licence then they may not have an incumbent (or official) who is able to register the marriage.  For the latter, this is normally resolved by booking a registrar and they will attend your marriage which will be conducted by the minster.

For certain Asian marriages, they would go to the registry office to get their marriage recognise by law and then hold a separate religious ceremony at the place of worship so that their marriage is recognise by their religion.

Remember if you don't understand something.  Don't be afraid to ask or it could end in heart ache.

Tomorrow we will look at receptions!

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