16 December 2013

Colourful Kanzashi Combinations!

So apart from creating kimono kanzashi hairclips, I have been experimenting with colour!


Because I always wanted to play around with colours and now I had a little bit of time to indulge in my fantasy.

So the first one I tried is grey and fuchsia.

Grey and Fuchsia Layered Kanzashi Hairclip

 This one came about because of this kanzashi


and I thought if a kimono silk has this colour combination then what would it look like if it was supersized?

Brown and Rich Yellow Layered Kanzashi Hairclip

 Then I thought I would try something a bit more retro in combination and went for brown and yellow.  I often see plaid fabric with this colourway and even my a-Line lolita high waist skirt you see below,

has a similar colouring although not as strong.

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