16 May 2015

Kitty Kanzashi is back!

I have been very bad and neglected my etsy store.

Mainly due to the fact that I started a new job 1.5 years ago and have not been able to find a routine.

Anyway after a move from Sheffield to Belfast, getting full time job and then decided to move to my own flat!  I have finally managed to settle down enough to get things back in order.

So to slowly get back into the kanzashi business I have decided to start with something I have been thinking about for only the last month or so.

Glitter Kanzashi!

Seriously, glitter makes thing sparkle and everything is improved with glitter.  Well it was something I use to believe in as a child and then I went through a glitter hating moment.  Mainly because you can not put the stuff on your university work.  But now I need sparkle and lots of it.

The gold one was the first one I made because it is my default colour when I think of glitter but there are other colours.

As you can see I have only played with three at the moment,  I would love to play with more but I will need your help for that ;)

So here is where you can get these little bundles of joy.  There is only three at the moment.

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