2 October 2009

I feel like moaning about annual appraisals.

Sigh..........work can be very trying for me. Ok with current economic being bad one should be glad that there is still a job for me and that there is no redundancy planned at my company. However it is the time of year for annual appraisals!

This year has been a bit of a challenge. I am doing well on my studies but it does not seem to be showing in my actual work. This means my progression through the ranks has been slow and as such managers are not happy. Unhappy managers means they don't like you and they will not book you for future work.

What does one do? Clearly doing my best is not working and although people have offered suggestions they don't seem to be working.

I can not help but feel depressed.

On a lighter note, I have purchase more kimono accessories!

Two pairs of lovely geta!

Another purple obi.

And another kinchaku bag which is slight bigger then my current one.

One has been very busy at Ryu Trading!

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