18 October 2009

Saturday's Lunch

If there is an event happening in London that gives me an excuse to wear a kimono then I am going. And if there isn't then why not just create one!

This Saturday I met up with my IG friends for a spot of shopping and lunch.

It started off really well, I got up at the right time and got on the right train and then the series of misfortune began. As I was about to get to Liverpool Station I realised I forgot my obi ita! So an emgerency shopping at WhSmith was need to find a subsitute was needed. Lucky I found a clear folder which would make a reasonable obi ita. Then off to Hong's to get change then she pointed out that one of my kimono seams has come loose! So that needed to be repaired before anything else could be done.

Ok we are all dressed and off we went to Piccadilly Circus. Stupidly I just got on the first DLR that was there which did not go to Bank. Hong did tell me that it didn't go to Bank but my brain was panicking! Not a problem we thought because we could get on the Tube at Tower Hill. Wrong! It was closed for whatever reason so we got on a bus to get to the nearest tube station which was Monument. But that was closed as well and the nearest one was Bank so we had to walk to Bank.

Finally getting to Bank we got to Piccadilly Circus at 12.30, an hour late which is not fashionably late.

After making our rubbish excuses to Chantel and April we made our way to the old Japan Centre to look at the non-food items. So much cute stuff to buy but no where to put it. The was the most adorable glass cat mug for £6.99 which was just shouting to be brought. However I had to resist as I don't have any space in my room. Chantel on the otherhand decided to buy a few matching plates and bowls, triangular onigiri maker and a onigiri lunch box.

Then off to Minamoto Kitchen because we are suckers for them but we didn't buy anything. They did have a cute window display though.

Although looking at the picture now, the models look a little creepy to me.

Hong and I were thirsty after our adventure with London transport so off we all went to Okawari for lunch.

Now you hear of things happening around Chinatown at night time and when we arrived at our restaurant we found it taped off as it was part of a crime scene! Ok at this point I think we were all a little stunned however the nice officer allowed us enter the restaurant because we had a booking and it was only a few feet past the police tape.

Okawari was chosen because it had tatami style seating where the tables were sunken into the floor to give the impression that you were sitting seiza style. Great idea however we all had trouble getting our legs under the table which lead to some unladylike behaviour.

Lunch was surprising nice with bento boxes priced around £10 and we all shared a tempura starter. All in all a very nice lunch and it gave us time to take a few pictures.

April and Hong.


Of course a trip to London would not be complete without a trip to Haagen Dazs.

This Saturday happen to be the grand opening of Japan Centre new food store near Mitsukoshi with a 10% off promotion. So as you can imagine it was very busy and we left it to the end of the day to have a look to avoid getting squashed.

As we all parted our way we all saw the most funniest thing. The man driving the little van was also singing as well and yes the van was blowing bubbles.

When I got home around 7.10pm I thought I deserve some lovely belgium chocolates that my brother was kind enough to buy for me. They are very nice by the way.


Walter said...
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Walter said...

Ohmygod, Kitty, what a succession of mishaps. You're almost as bad as me ^_^ That's why I now have a GPS mounted on my motorbike ;) Wouldn't dream of driving into London without it.

A triangular onigiri maker o_O , I don't believe it. I learned to make them by hand at the Japan Art Festival in Richmond. It's not so hard to do.

Ah, you like Belgian chocolates. We have lots of them here in Belgium. And they're all sooo gooood! We even have them them with beer . I haven't tried those yet, but as soon as I find them , I'll let you know what they taste like.

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Tell me about it! I look back at it and laugh now but it wasn't funny at the time. Especially since Hong and I were rushing around in kimono.

I haven't tried to make onigiri but it doesn't look too hard. Yeah I'm saying that now!