7 December 2009

Oh $£*@

I will attempt to keep this post as clean as possible but I just had the worst exam in the world. It was so bad that I have a feeling I will be re-sitting my Advanced Tax module in June 2010.

There is not enough swear words in the english language to express my annoyance. So please feel free to donate other swear words from other languages to help me vent my anger!


shigatsuhana said...

Maybe come up with Chinese swear words. Japanese ones are too tame! LOL!
I'm sorry you feel you did bad, but maybe not as bad as you think?
Let's hope so!

Walter said...

Oh, that's bad, Kitty!
I know that sinking feeling ( My life is over, shoot me NOW !)
Can't you pass if the other exam results are OK ?

Here's an old Flemish favourite :)
which is a string of three cursewords, namely
Godver (short for Godverdomme(Flemish)= Goddamn
miljaarde ( miljard (Flemish ) = billion
nondedju ( ( Flemish dialect form of French "Nom de Dieu"(lit. Name of God)
Try building up a crescendo when saying it and stretch the Djuuuuu at the end to your hearts content.
IF you don't like to use the name of God , there's the well tried

"miljaardemiljaardemiljaarde.." ( and so on) where you simply string a whole number (3 till infinity) of "miljaarde" and end with a "miljaar" .
Say it as loud as possible and with as many repetitions as you like till your breath runs out.

Ah our Flemish is so much better at this than those four letter English words :)