2 January 2010

A new year and hopefully better luck

Already a day has gone for 2010 and what a year I have waiting for me.

First, find a new job since I quit my last one. I hate auditing and they gave me a way out so I took it. I am hoping that I will find something soon or my mother will force me to go to the gym in a bit to get me out of the house more.

Second , sort out my brother's badly organised wedding which is in just over 2 weeks time. He has never organised anything in his life effectively and has not asked for help. Somehow I think he is trying to prove a point to Mother and I but to use your wedding day is not a wise move.

Third, get my butt in gear and sort out my kanzashi designs. I have a few that are just waiting to be made and since I have the time I should get on with it. Not to mention designs for obi musubi bags. I have a couple of ideas but I need to make mini mock ups to find the best design.

Fourth, figure out what I am going to do in 6 months time as hopefully my boyfriend will be back in the UK for good with a job. Seeing him for only 2 weeks every 3-4 months is just not enough time and I miss him like mad. I am getting more emotional as I get older and I hate crying.

Fifth, control my kimono buying habit. I received my latest kimono shopping spree a couple of weeks ago and I don't have any more room. However I do love the yabane kimono and I have a good feeling that the two-piece kimono will be worn often when I get a place of my own (with my boyfriend).

Sixth, Final Fantasy 13 is out this year and when that comes out, I will be getting a PS3 and I can't wait! It feels like it has been ages since FF12 was out and my boyfriend and I need a new game to play.

There are probably more things that I will need to do but nothing of great importance.

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