19 March 2010

Woo hoo new books

I have been hard at studying this week and as I haven't brought a single kimono item for over a month. So time for a treat in the guise of books.

The first books is Okimono Kimono.

My friend owns this book but in Japanese and it looked like an interesting book for kimono co-ordination. I would like to modernise my kimono outfits and I hope this will give me some ideas. I will post more pictures of the book once it has arrive.

Then for something different, Mary Berry Ultimate Cake Book.

I was contemplating the Hummingbird Bakery book as well but this book seem to have more different recipes. I will get the Hummingbird book later on when I move to Sheffield when I can practice my cake making skills. One needs willing guinea pigs for taste tests.

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