11 April 2010

New Kanzashi - Snow White

Well since I have time on my hands inbetween studying for my ACCA exams here is another kanzashi for you to cast your eye over.

As usual, here is the design I had in mind.

And the finished kanzashi is below.

Apart from the minor details of the flowers and snowflake centres being changed and the additional white snowflakes, this one actually turned out as planned.

The flowers are made from the remaining cream/white silk lining that I used to make my Jade Ume. The snowflake still need a little work as I should have used hot glue to secure the petals but I wanted to find out if rice glue would actually do the job. Well the answer is yes but it is fragile and I will need to add a layer of vanish at the back to stabilise the petals. Not to mention the next time I make it for a paying customer, I have to remember to lay the snowflake design under the OHP slide (which I use to arrange my petals on the felt base) so I can keep the snowflake arms the same length.

Of course the next question I need to ask myself is what next?

I have some bronze coloured silk fabric I would like to use but what flower style should I use?

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