25 February 2010

New Kanzashi

After much planning I have created my new kanzashi which I have called Jade Ume.

My inital design is below.

The design uses the graduate green silk that I brought on ebay and I wanted to take advantage of the graduated green.

I also wanted to add some falls onto the kanzashi as it has been a long time since I have done this. As you can see from the plan, the falls are not the traditional ones used on kanzashi.

Anyway the end result is this!

I have to say, it has turned out nicely. I have not decided whether to mount this onto a haircomb or hairband. My inital thought is a hairband but I'm not so sure now.

Here are close up of the kanzashi.

As normal, if you are interested in this kanzashi then let me know! I am trying to figure out a way of painting silk to create the graduated colour. Any suggestions will be welcome.

1 comment:

Walter said...

That's so beautiful. You're totally talented.Can't help you on the painting of silk, but surely you can find something on the Internet ?