28 June 2010

It's been some time.

Wow, when was the last time I posted something.

Well what has happened since 23 May 2010.......

I have been making flowers for the Art in the Garden event in Sheffield at 4th and 5th September. Up to 110 flowers made but still need to make another 40 tsumami flowers for hair-slide/brooch/hair-grip, which will be standard stock but once those are out of the way I will need to plan what other kanzashi to make. I have decided to make some traditional maiko style ones but what modern ones should I make. Obviously tsumami flowers can be arranged to make many accessories like fascinator, corsage, pinhole flower or bouquet but I can't make everything. Whatever my decision it will have to be soon as I plan to make all the flowers I need before my big move to Sheffield and then spend the remaining month putting my stock together. Of course I have to figure out the best way to display my kanzashi at the event but I already have some good ideas on that.

In addition, I have been revising for my two ACCA exams and at the beginning of June I took them. I had the biggest scare in my life when my bus didn't turn up to take me to my first exam. However I managed to get my brother to drive me up to Chelmsford with 5 minutes to spare. After that I swore that I would take the train to Chelmsford as I use to in the past. Trust me to change my travel method and then see it go horrible wrong. So now I am waiting for my results which will be out by August. I would like to say I have loads of confidence about these exams but I don't so rather then worrying about it, I decided to do the next best thing. Forget about it!

Anyway after my exams I had to pack my suitcase for my trip to sunny London in Ontario, Canada the following day. Yes I left my packing to the very last day and I didn't actually pack my bags until I was about to go to bed. I wouldn't recommend it as for the past 12 days I have been cursing myself for forgetting silly things like not enough shampoo or body cream. But I can hardly say my holiday was ruined.

So what did I do for 12 days in Canada.......pretty much nothing. I didn't want to hire a car (as I am a bad driver and I would not want to inflict my driving on another country) so didn't see the sights and sounds of Ontario. Although seeing my boyfriend was the main aim of this holiday and he was kind enough to buy my plane ticket. I did managed to catch up on some much needed sleep which was great, whether it has re-energised me I have no idea but I can make myself believe it. Oh and another reason why I did nothing in Canada, it has been hot and very humid, which made even the shortest walks very tiring. I should not be complaining about the weather but I'm British and this is what British people do best.

And the best thing about the return journey is that my boyfriend is coming with me as he is finally coming back to the UK for good. After 2.5 years aboard, he has managed to get funding at Sheffield University for 3 years which means we can start to plan our lives together again. I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to this day.

Now I am sitting in my boyfriend's flat thinking about what we need to do once we get back to the UK. Of course a list has been made by us but someone needs to actually get things going and at the moment I think I'm the one. Maybe I'm nervous about the move to Sheffield and the event in Sheffield. Oh and not to mention that I have not worked for the past 6 months and can't really get anything until September is also worrying. I suppose I haven't been idle for those months since I have been studying and also helping my family takeaway but employers can be so cruel when one has breaks in their work life. I suppose part of me hopes that the Art in the Garden event is a success as it would give me a morale boast and income both current and future. However that is to much to ask for but one can dream.


Saint-Thomas flowers said...

Flowers are perfect for any occasion. Different flowers have different meanings and they come in variety of colors. Besides this there are some traditional flowers also which are used for prayers and other traditional events.

shigatsuhana said...

If you are doing maiko kanzashi try making the pinwheel one and the kusudama (flowerball) one with the tassles. I think these would be quite popular. I think the obligatory maple, crysathemum and sakura would also be popular, but you already know that! Hahaha! I guess we should think about hotel reservations for that weekend in Sheffield. Who is coming up for sure?
And do have some fun in Canada! Eat at White Spot for waffles at least one day while you are there! :)

Kitty Kanzashi said...

I never thought about the pinwheel ones that is a great idea. The last kusudama took a long time to make but possible.

It is just you April coming up as everybody else is busy, oh I forgot to ask Lyuba OPPS!