22 October 2010

First Kimono de Jack UK tomorrow!

What an exciting day it will be tomorrow. Not only I will be seeing my friends in London for a good chat and lunch but it will be the first Kimono de Jack UK event.

Started up by Lyuba, we are both trying to organise events for kimono lovers in the UK to meet and wear their lovely kimono. We both feel that kimono should be worn everyday but it is hard to be the centre of attention for everyone so we are organising these meetings to encourage the inner kimono wearer.

Of course one has to take into account for weather and we are hoping that the weather in London will be dry and cool. Otherwise it will be ama coats and umbrella.

So what kimono am I going to wear! I thought it was time I began to wear my triplet kimono set which I won over a year ago. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one auction on ebay for three different coloured kimono but with the same pattern. Just had to have it!

I decided to choice the lavender/lilac one

and then team it with my re-decorated striped obi

I haven't decided on the obi-jime or obi-age but I am thinking of pale blue since the kimono has shades of blue on the leaves.

I am very excited!

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Kimono de Jack UK said...

I can't wait to see that obi!! I think I'll be rocking blue kimono :) :)