30 December 2010

My Christmas Holiday Adventures - The Journey Down.

My Christmas holiday is nearly over and soon it will be back to the real world.

My holiday began on the 19th December as it was the day I began my long drive back home. I had concerns that the weather in Essex would prevent me from getting home safely. The last thing I wanted to happen was be stuck in a Travelodge due to snow. Which you would all know has been the only news in the UK for the first weeks of December.

However Essex had no snow forecasted and heard the motorways should be clear. If there were going to be any roads clear then it would be the M1 and M25 so we should be fine. To be on the safe side, we got my partner's mother to keep us updated on weather around the Essex area.

As we drove down the M1, the motorway was indeed free of traffic until we reached Milton Keynes where the recent snowfall turned the M1 into a slush pit. The traffic was slow which is to be expected. Dangerous driving conditions equals cautious driving but there were stupid people who clearly didn't see the danger of driving fast on ice and just carried on driving as if it was normal weather.

I know I'm a nervous driver but when you see the outer lane on the M1 covered in snow, what clever spark would think "hmmm that looks like a good place to drive at 60mph". We only needed one idiot to lose control and that is it, M1 is closed for god knows how long. Fortunately nothing bad happened. Nothing like a bit of paranoia to keep one on edge.

Our plan was to stop off at Milton Keynes for a break and to change drivers but the snow prevented us so we stopped at the service station just before the Milton Keynes junction. I wonder how much anti-freeze the station sold because all I saw in the carpark was everyone pouring the stuff into their engine. Clearly these people didn't listen to the news and didn't hear of the recent snowfall and were caught out. Not a problem for us of course as my car was all prep for snowy weather.

After eating our lunch we set off again. It was slow but progress was made and and before long we were on the M25. Once we were on the M25, I knew we were nearly home probably another 1.5-2 hours the most.

It was boring, I hate motorway driving because it is boring and you get mad people who just zoom past you as if you are stationary. Some people need to slow down!

It took in total 5 hours of driving but at least we got home and only used £25 worth of petrol.

So what plans do I have for Christmas? Well the first thing on my list was to begin writing lists of things to do and ask for my wedding. Second, meet with my wedding co-ordinator at the Roslin Hotel where I was going to get married. Third, decide what to do about my job situation for the New Years, as much as I love kanzashi making it is just not bringing in the money and I have the tough task of finding a job in the new year. Fourth, try to keep my mother and father happy so they don't feel like they are losing a daugther, Fifth, sort out the remaining etsy descriptions for my kanzashi that I wish to sell. And finally, try to relax which is easier said then done.

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