13 December 2010

Busy Weekend - Part two KDJ UK

Waking up on a dark Saturday morning isn't easy and this Saturday was no exception but I must get up. For one thing, I am not sleeping in my own bed and I had to get ready for Kimono de Jack UK get together at Birmingham Christmas Market.

Once again, plans were made to arrive at Birmingham New Street train station at 11.00 but we took our time having breakfast which meant getting ready was delayed and we missed the intended train. Nevermind, there was another train and in the end we were only half an hour late.

At the station we met up with our fellow kimono friends and off we went to tackle the market!

Wow it was busy, I know that Christmas is just round the corner and everyone was feeling very festive but the crowds were unbelievable. Putting this aside, there was so much to see and eat! I could happy go from one food stall to the next eating but I know that would be bad for my health and finance. So I did a lot of window shopping and thinking "hmmm that looks yummy!".

Now this is a German Christmas Market and one can not go to such a large Christmas market without going to the grilled sausage stall. So we all shuffled our way to purchase a nice grilled sausage in a ridiculously small roll. Very traditional since that is how they sell them in Germany. After demolishing that, it was dessert which was a nice waffle with cherries and cream. Again this was polished off very quickly as I am a sucker for a nice waffle. Hmmmm should I purchase a waffle pan I wonder??

Here is our little group. There are no pictures of us eating because that would be unflattering and all of us were eating which is far more important then pictures.

We thought this was an ideal time to take photos so here are some more.

Feeling somewhat stuffed and in need to get away from the crowd, we thought a visit to see the Staffordshire Hoard was in order. We spend sometime wondering around taking in the history and art that was on offer, not to mention savouring the peace and quiet. Also another chance to take pictures. Here we saw the kimono that Liz was wearing, a kimono with lots and lots of dots. How resistible!

However we all needed to find a place to sit down and have a nice cuppa. Off to Cafe Rouge! And on the way we found Mr Alien joining in the festive cheer.

Now we were refreshed, one of us had to catch a train so we walked her back to the train station only to find out the train has been cancelled! Oh Virgin why did you do that? Knowing it will take some time to sort this out we said our goodbyes and off she went to find someone to tell her what to do.

The remaining group decided to commence shopping since we couldn't leave the market without something to show. I brought five doughnuts (or berliner) while Lyuba decided to get some freshly cooked dutch pancakes! Don't they look nice.

Then one of us remembered that there was a sweet shop called Cybercandy where you can buy all sort of sweets from other countries. We like discovering new and wonderful sweets so we minced our way to the shop and brought a load of them. I was still holding a box of doughnuts so I thought it was best that I didn't buy any sweets. Although if they had a particular type of chewy sweet which my partner enjoyed once in Canada then I would have probably brought some but I was saved.

By now it was 16.20 and although my train didn't leave until 18.03 I thought I would make my way to the train station with my friend from London. The others lived near Birmingham so it didn't matter what time they left.

Yep I waited at the train station for over an hour but at least I got on my train and managed to get my seat without too much hassle.

And folks, that was the third KDJ UK get together.

January 2011 is being arranged as I type and hopefully it will be announced on our facebook group soon.

If you are wondering about those five doughnuts that I brought, no I didn't take a photo of them because I forgot and yes they were very nice.


Lyuba-chan said...

LOL a lot of those sweets were not UNusual for me... haha :)

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Oh good point ^_^

How about some of the sweets then?

shigatsuhana said...

Well the Japanese Cheese Kitkats were certainly interesting. Hahaha!

The German things I'm quite used to though as the market has been here for 9 years now. And some of the things are similar to Dutch that I would have known about growing up in a Dutch town.