14 February 2011

February KDJ meetup

Okay Kimono de Jack UK is meeting tomorrow and we are invading Cadbury World!

Yummy free chocolate..............although in a weeks time my nice brother will be visiting my favourite Belgium chocolate shop (yes I have a favourite chocolate shop) and he has promised to send my 1kg box of chocolates. I can't wait!

But back to KDJ UK! I thought I had a kimono all setup but then one of my friends said it would be best to wear a synthetic kimono which made me reconsider my choice. I am not getting my purple iromuji dirty for chocolate. So that does that leave me? I don't have a purple synthetic kimono but I do have a dark blue kimono with pink and white dots which looks purple from a distance but my pale yellow obi doesn't really match.

Then of course I could wear my dark red chrysanthemum kimono that I wore recently with a black obi but that is boring.

Well I have to decide tonight as I will need to pack it all up since I'm catching the 07.54 to Birmingham.

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