7 October 2011

10 days left!

Yep you heard it only 10 days left of being a single girl and the final element of my wedding has arrived in the post.

My purple wedding dress is just as I imagine and when I put it on it was just what I wanted.  Part of me feels that I missed out on the whole wedding dress experience because although I visited a couple of bridal shops, I didn't try on any wedding dresses.  However I think I made the right choice and all that needs to be done now is get it the reception without any incident.  That should be fun!


Walter said...

Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you're very happy together.
We missed you at the Matsuri, Kitty. I finally put up the pictures of this year's and last year's Matsuri in the last blogs at my site Reflections
Lots of kimonos in there !

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Thank you!

My mother in law has picked up the photo cd from the photographer so I will hopefully have photos to show off.

What a shame I missed this year's matsuri but it would have taken too long to travel. Hopefully next year it will be on a Saturday.