29 September 2011

Obi for sale

After my little triumphant making of my first tsuke obi I thought wouldn't it be a good idea to make another one for someone else to enjoy!

Well here it is!

Like before it is reversible so you can alternate how you wish to wear the colours and at the front you can twist your obi to create interesting contrasts.

As it is a tsuke obi, it has been designed for the single fold otaiko.

However I have made it long enough so you actually create a double fold otaiko as well.

And if that is not enough, you can even tie tsunodashi musubi for a more casual look.

You can even create otaiko variations if you like.  As I have only used a heavy weight interface to line the obi, you can tuck the tesaki part towards to back and create a different otaiko musubi look.

This wonderful handmade obi can be yours for £30 (not including postage).

I hope to find other materials to make more obi because they are a lot of fun to make.

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