6 March 2012

Wedding Dress - Faith by Tobi Hannah

Time for another Tea length dress and this one is from Tobi Hannah.

This British designer creates only short dresses and they are all gorgeous but this one just makes me smile! 

Faith by Tobi Hannah
Why do I love it?

I love it for its simplistic design!  It may not be the a dress which shouts weddings but it has a classical charm to it and would be perfect for a intimate wedding.

It is beautiful tailored which gives the dress a lovely vintage feel while the three bows at the front make it feel youthful and playful.  And it can easily be made quirky with a colourful petticoat underneath and some funky peep toe heels.

Hmm maybe not the one

Apart from being a little understated for a wedding dress, this is just a beautiful dress.  The only area of issue which I could see is the sleeves because they are three quarter length one and if your arms are large then they could emphasis them.


chethran said...

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Kitty Kanzashi said...

What sort of details would you like to know about the dress?

I would love to try these dresses on so I can give a real opinion on how the dress looks, feels and point out areas where they are not perfect for me.