13 March 2012

Wedding Dress - Paola by Lyn Ashworth

Time for a classic style wedding dress and sometimes the simplest styles are the most charming!

So what is a classic style wedding dress?  Well for me it is a dress which looks beautiful no matter what else is in fashion and can easy be passed on to future generations.

Paola by Lyn Ashworth

Why I love this dress?

This dress just has enough of everything to make it stunning.  A little bit of lace at the top to give it some detail and to reveal a little bit of flesh while the three quarter length sleeves provide the modest that looks timeless.

Then there is the skirt, it is just layers of lovely fabric which is not weighted down my beading or embroidery so if you plan to give it to your daughter it would be easier to alter.  Hey one must think practical when it comes to these matters.

Hmmm there must be something wrong?

Unlike some of my previous dresses this one will not stun the crowds with originality.

I think one of the problems in wearing something timeless is that people will not be shouting about your dress.  They will say you look lovely and how the dress really suits your styling but if you want to turn peoples' heads then you will probably want something more spectacular.

However a wedding is not about putting on a show but rather a celebration of two people staying together for the rest of their lives.

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