17 September 2012

Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution

Sometimes you do thing because you think "I have nothing to lose" well that was my attitude when I sent in my application for the Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution.  Well that was back in mid June this year and quite frankly once I sent the form I thought nothing of it.

Then to my surprise I got a phone call a couple of weeks later telling me they would like to interview me!  Eeek!

So off I went to do my 15 minutes interview where I talked about my craft and of course once it was over, I wanted to go home and forget about it.  Dwelling on success or failure is a vicious circle for me so better to forget about it.

Then what do I hear after a few weeks but a another phone call saying they would like to invite me to appear on the show!  Yes I was over the moon and a little bit dumbstruck at the same time.  

What was I going to wear?  What am I going to say?  Oh god I am going to be on TV!!!!

Well since I have already decided on the kanzashi I was going to show off.


It is pretty much a show stopper which is why I chose it.

Now what to wear?  Nothing too pale as it was being filmed outdoors and nothing too bright or my kanzashi would not shine so I went with my navy blue wool kimono!

I teamed it with my red obi as I did not want to make my outfit too busy and of course my favourite tan coloured boots.  Well the last thing I wanted was to be sinking into the grass now.

It is a nice and simply outfit but I like it.  The kimono has a nice retro modern feel to it and the obi is nice and stiff so I did not have to worry about the otaiko musubi shifting it shape which was good.

For hairstyle, I opted for a braided side bun as it was the most easy style to do and the most reliable.  The last thing I wanted was my hair to be blown across my face and getting caught in my glasses and the kanzashi that I was wearing.

I should be informed of the transmission date soon!

Oh if you were wondering who interviewed me well here she is!


Bebe Taian said...

Congratulations! <3 What great news! Can't wait to see the video. Will there be a copy of the interview uploaded?

Kitty Kanzashi said...

It is pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations!! Really lookiing forward to seeing this!