23 May 2013

Black Rose Tsumami Kanzashi by Kitty Kanzashi

Kanzashi rose with a difference!

---Kanzashi Description---

* Colour - Black (customizable)
* Size - 6cm (depth) x 17cm (height) x 18cm (wide)
* Mount - hairband
* Suitable for all hairtypes and hairstyles
* Suitable for vegans!

They may not exist naturally in nature but that is the wonder of the tsumami kanzashi technique. You can bring to life black roses without a second thought and here they are!  This design came about because of my black lolita dress that I have made which is sitting on my Miffy (the mannequin) as we speak.

I was wondering what sort of hair accessory would be perfect for this dress and after a lot of thought, my mind always went back to roses!  But not just ordinary red roses but black ones.

So this would be perfect for a kuro, gothic or old school lolita who wants to add a touch of floral into their outfit or maybe a bride who wants to be different.  In fact you could just wear it as a floral accessory for everyday wear if you like!

---Other information---

This kanzashi will be custom made for you and normally take 2 days to make. If my work schedule prevents me from fulfilling this promise then I will make a shop announcement at the top of my etsy shop.

All of my kanzashi designs can be customised to your requirements so if you would like this kanzashi in a different colour then please do not hestitate to contact me. I am always happy to help you with your request.

If you are interested then you can either order it by sending an email to kittykanzashi@gmail.com or visit my etsy store.

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