29 May 2013

UPDATE on Retro Kimono

So I may have made this kimono back in February (click on this link to see details)

but I have finally gotten round to wearing it!

Between the weather and just being lazy I have been put off wearing kimono but today (29 May) I wore a kimono.  Why you may ask?  Well I am part of this event on Facebook


It is organised by someone in Japan and it is basically like Kimono de Jack.  Giving people from all over the an excuse to wear kimono.

So my kimono outfit is as follow.

Kimono - the one above
Obi - Pale blue nagoya obi with red camellia 
Obiage - Golden yellow with hexagon woven into the fabric
Obijime - Graduated yellow and cream (one of my latest purchase)

1 comment:

Kaeru said...

The obi fit so well with the kimono color. It's really lovely !