4 June 2013

Lolita Sewing Mook - Spring and Summer 2012

So I have been waiting patiently for these little beauties!

There use to be a lolita sewing mook called Gosu Rori which released biannually but then in 2012 it stopped!  Oh the horror for me because buying these mooks are not easy and second hand ones sell for quite a bit especially if they still have the patterns.

Anyway while browsing We SewLoli on livejournal I discovered that a new sewing mook had just begun so I brought the ones that have been released and after three long weeks I have them.

These are brilliant!  Not only they tell you how to make the clothes but they also help you coord them.  Anyway here are some snap shots of the Spring and Summer 2012 edition.

The front cover looks really pretty and has dress styles that I would love to try my hand on.

Then it tell you how to coord the pieces.

Which is really good for a beginner like me.

Again you see another page showing you the pieces that you can make and coord.

Personally I want to make one of these skirt because it is pretty!!!!

And the instructions for some of the clothing is very clear!

Bring on the fabric and sewing machine.

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