10 June 2013

Making a Dress - Black Lolita Dress (supplement)

So my dress is complete but it is missing something??

That is it, a shirt/top to wear with the dress.  Now I have a couple of shirts which could work.

However they are long sleeved shirts which is great at the moment but what if the weather gets warmer.  And with the current weather that I have been experiencing I would like something a bit shorter.

So the solution has to be a dickey.  Yes they look a bit silly on their own but with a dress or a jumper it is great.

Here is what I planned.

A little peter pan collar dickey.

And using the same white cotton lawn from my regency dress I made the dickey.

I also made a couple of accessories to jazz up the dress.  One is a big bow with a rose on it and the other one is a origami butterfly.  They are attached to snap clips so they can attached onto the dress as you see or if I have a frilly shirt then I could just use them as hair accessories.

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