3 November 2013

Kanzashi Making Withdrawal!

Between making dresses and starting work I have been missing my kanzashi making days and after 2 months of non-kanzashi making and develop I decided this weekend I would sort this out.

First off I needed to make some kanzashi for the forthcoming Fine and Dandy Craft Fair on 24 November.  I decided to make some lovely kanzashi using some kimono silks that I purchased a long time ago.

Don't they look adorable!

Then I needed to make some for my classic lolita outfit.

I thought some roses would suit a classic lolita outfit perfect.  I made two but I think I need a couple more or maybe I will make some cherry blossom ones.

Then finally I made a fuschia!  I had this one in my head for a couple of months as I kept seeing them in hanging flower baskets around Belfast city centre and I have always thought wouldn't this flower make a wonderful kanzashi.  There is a photo of one just so you know what I am trying to aim for.

Well while pondering on the bus journey to work to figure out the best way to recreate the look and then some mental imagination, this is the end result.

The colour in the photo is are not correct because I have used purple for the lower petals but it is not a bad first attempt.  The top petals need to be bigger and the lower ones a little bit smaller but overall the shape is there.  I actually quite like the chubby look of this one, it adds to its charm.  I still haven't thought of the best way to mount the flower but I am thinking on the lines of a hairpin or maybe earrings???  Oh the possibilities.

Then for good measure I made some dainty little flowers which just look cute!

They will most likely be made into little hairpins.


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