27 October 2013

Making a Dress - Burgundy Lolita outfit - Construction Time Part Two

So the bodice and skirt are now done but you can not have a lolita outfit without accessories!

Therefore the next thing to complete is a capelet.  Why am I making a capelet????  Because it would look cute and I love capes.  Not to mention it is getting cold and although this will not keep the cold out at least when I am sitting in a cafe I will not feel the chill on my shoulder.

Once again I use a pattern from my sewing lolita book and stupidly I did not test this out because as soon as I cut the pieces out and sewed the side seam it did not look right.  I have create square shoulders (or Romulan shoulders as I was shouting) !!!  No pictures of the disaster as I had to correct the mistake as soon as possible which was quite simple.  I just round the shoulder a bit more.

So after a bit of pattern alternation, I carried on and lets fast forward to the final result.

Doesn't it look cute!!!!

I have deviated from my original plans a little bit.  The ruffles are suppose to be between the kimono and burgundy fabric but I forgot so instead I put it at the bottom.

Oh and I trimmed the collar as well as it was originally far too wide and looked out of place.

In addition, I was concerned that the capelet would be too light but once I sewed the ruffles at the bottom it weighted it down nicely so that is good.

Now it is the hair accessories which I hope I can finish during the evening this week....fingers crossed!

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