17 June 2015

Making a Dress - Chemise la Reine

A while ago made a ruffled french hood.

Well I brought a lot of this fabric and even though it is suppose to be used for lining, I thought it would make a nice dress.

But what sort?

Well I want something that will complement the ruffled french hood but sort of dress?  My first thought would be a lolita dress because nothing says ruffles like a lolita dress.  However I would like something with more of a historical feel so I decide to make a dress that I have been wanted to make for ages!  A chemise la reine.

It was once considered a scandalous dress because it was basically underwear but it is a dress I love the look of.  

Out comes the fabric!

Following the instructions of this website I began for making a big tube.


Yes it is a big tube.

Now in the instructions on the website the dress remained opened at the front but this is not an option for me hence the big tube.

Now to add some channels to create the gather at the top.  Originally I wanted to use ribbon and have the gathers adjustable but that seems a little inconvenient so I decided that the best way would be to gather the front an fixe it place.  While gather the back with elastic.  This will make it easy to wear and comfortable!

Now to add some straps.

They are just simple straps because I could not be bothered to curve them.

As you can see a dress is emerging!  Now the sleeves.

I wanted a big puffy sleeves as it seems appropriate for the style of dress.

One sleeve on!

And finally the second sleeve with a  ribbon to show the waist.

Not bad for a dress in a day and without the ribbon it can be worn as a comfy lounge wear.

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