22 September 2015

Epic Regency Sewing Project - Red and White Striped Spencer Jacket and matching bonnet

The outfit for the ball is finished.  I suppose I should now make my spencer jacket.

But what sort....I could make the standard looking ones which end at the bust but how about something unusual like the pointed ones.

Well why not!  I am going to make it out of red and white stripes so I am going to stand out so why stop at the design being unusual.

Yes as you guess, I had to draft this one as well from my basic sense and sensibility pattern.  Getting my money's worth from this pattern but it does show how versatile it is.

Didn't put on the sleeves as they will just be ordinary sleeves.

Now I had a slight delay in that the fabric, in that I was delivered the wrong fabric.  However I contacted the seller and they said they would send me the correct fabric that day and that I could keep the other one.  Woo hoo.

I always order too much of a fabric just in case and yep far too much but never fear the rest will be made into a lolita dress most likely.

Snip here and there.

I will need to cut another set of bodice pieces to act as a lining but first lets put these together.

Not looking bad.  I suppose it is time to cut the other pieces and these together.

Opps slight accident in poking the tails through so I will have to make this the underside.

Now to put on the sleeves.  Now this can either go well or become my nightmare.  

One sleeve on, well that wasn't too bad.  Maybe the fabric is behaving itself.

Second sleeve on!  And it is done.

I have to admit the jacket reminds me of a circus ringmaster but it is cute.  Now to get a matching bonnet sorted.

My original plan is to make a bonnet similar to this one.

However the sun visor I brought is a little big.

So instead I will opt for a capote.

Yep something like my turban but with a brim and not so poffy.  It will look more like a bonnet.

I will be following instructions from Koshka the Cat http://www.koshka-the-cat.com/capote.html to make my one expect I will have a straw brim.

So first thing first.  Take apart the sun visor.

Hehehe this was actually more fun then it should be and I managed to salvage the straw bow.

Next I cut a huge circle for the head and then gathered it.  Sorry no pictures of this as I forgot and I also forgot to take pictures of me making the pleated trim.

However I simply followed the steps from Kleidung um 1800.


OMG it took forever......I was seriously tired after making this small piece but it does look cute.

Here is the basic bonnet put together with the trim.

I thought it was best to also stitch the visor at the back together as I didn't not want to put too much strain on the fabric and trim.

Yes when I said I made a small piece, I really did mean I made a small piece as I had a gap.  However this is not a problem as I will cover the gap with the salvage straw bow.

Me just trying it out for size.  Is it me or does it look huge?

I seem to have mis-filed my photos for the completed bonnet because I only finished the bonnet a couple of days before the event.  They are hopefully on my camera.

Next post will be about the event itself.

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