21 April 2016

Lolita Hakama Skirt Commission Time


I would have never thought I would get so many lovely comments about my lolita hakama skirt!

Seriously thank you all for your positive vibes.

Anyway as I have got so many requests, I have decided that I will open up commission to make these pretty little things to you.

I will be offering a bespoke service which means I will make your skirt with your choice of fabric and trimmings subject to suitability and availability.

So if you want it made in electric blue suiting wool skirt with matching pom-pom trims then that is what you will get!

This wonderful service will have the following pricing structure.

Total Cost = Labour Cost + Material Cost


Labour cost
Unlined skirt - £60.00
Lined skirt - £80.00

Material cost
Total cost of fabric and trimmings + £5.00 (sourcing fee)

Example, say you would like a unlined skirt and the total cost of fabric and trimmings is £30.00 then the Total Cost = £95.00 not including postage and packaging,

Of course if you supply me with your fabric of choice then you will only be paying the labour costs.

Payment Terms

To make things simple, the payment terms are as follows:-
  • Payment one - Deposit of 50% of the labour cost non-refundable.  This will secure you a slot in my work schedule.
  • Payment two - Material costs, to be paid once they have been ordered and non-refundable.
  • Payment three- Once completed, the remaining balance plus postage and packaging.
Now I will have to be strict with myself and I will only be making one skirt per a month as I will be making these in my spare time and I would like to make sure that I give each skirt the attention they deserve.

Warning!  To wear this skirt properly, you will need an a-line petticoat which I do not supply.

If you are interested then email me on kittykanzashi@gmail.com or you can PM me on my facebook page.


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