27 July 2016

More pom pom fun.

Since I had a week to kill, I made a few more pom pom animals.

Next was a little sheep.

It was a cute thing to make from the book and relatively easy compared with Bertie.

And since I had plenty of the wool remaining from Bertie, I though I should made the first thing in the book which was a teddy bear.

He turn out quite big and fluffy.

So far my little pom pom collection looks like this.

There are actually a lot more sootballs but they are hanging from a lampshade in the lounge.

However I still had loads of googly eye from the sootballs.  What could I make to use them up?  Oh yes a little spider with eight eyes. 

Isn't she sweet!  I even sewed a little string so she can hang downwards.  

Well I'll be going back to Belfast the next day so that is the end of my pom pom adventure for now.  I must make another Bertie as I feel there is a lack of cuteness to the ones I made, I'm sure I will get there.

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