5 August 2016

Summer break with family and Pom-Pom mania

It is my annual summer visit to my family and normally I would go back home for a week with nothing to do.

But not this time as I have a new book!

Pom-pom animal head!!!

Perfect hobby for travelling since all I need to bring with me is a pair of scissors and the pom-pom maker and I can buy the wool when I'm home.

I had some wool in my flat so I had to practice making a couple of pom-pom to see how tightly I need to wind the wool.  Therefore once I had the chance to go Hobbycraft I went wool shopping.

Brought 3 colours, black, pale blue and pale yellow but on the same day, my mother-in-law took me to a local knitting shop to find some specific wool for a bichon frise.

The first thing I had to make was a sootball from the Ghibli Animations.

Then I thought, I might as well bite the bullet and start on the bichon frise called Bertie.  The wool I used is a lot thicker then the one recommended in the book so I thought the best course of action is the wind it as tightly as possible to get it as much wool as possible.  Then two smaller pom-pom for the ears.

Now a little bit of trimming and felting and volia!  We have a Bertie.

However it didn't look right to me so I thought I would make a second one and made it with a more of a nose.

This time it looked a bit more like a doggie.

I will have plenty of wool left to make another one which I probably will.

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