12 November 2009

New Kimono and Jewellery

I tried to hard to resist buying another kimono but when a yabane kimono came up for sale I couldn't resist. I blame it on Priscilla, every since I saw her one, I have been wanting one for myself.

Here it is! Normally I am not a fan of orange but when it comes to kimono, I actually like the colour. I think it is to do with the pattern more then anything else.

and a close up of the pattern (ok not completely orange)

If that wasn't enough, my boyfriend decided to buy a few chokers for me on etsy. Which is really sweet of him and the first time he has every brought me something without my consultation.

This one is a nice black beaded one.

This one has a more gothic feel to it which I like and it has purple.

And the final one is suppose to be a vintage choker. I have always love vintage jewellery as they seem to have more style then the modern day stuff.

Yes he brought me three chokers for some reason which is very nice of him and I did wonder why they were all black. However he does know that black is one of my favourite colours and it will go with everything in my wardrobe. Apart from my kimono collection but I am sure I can solve that one.

I don't normally celebrate Christmas but it would appear it has come early for me.


aoi84 said...

Lol, I was thinking of bidding on that kimono. Lucky for you I don't need anymore kimono or you would of had a bidding war on your hands :)
LOVE the chokers btw, your bf has good taste, now to see them in action.

Walter said...

That tailfeather motif is very nice. Reminds me of Escher ( the simplified version )
What obi will you wear with it ?
Oooh, nice jewelry . Everybody would like a boyfriend like that ;)
Is the purple amethyst ?
See you!

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Yes the purple one is amthyst but I can't tell if it is real amethyst. I just thought that it would go nicely with my purple iromuji. I am coming up with an outfit!

No idea what obi to go with it, possibly the obi I wore at the last kimono get together with the girls but I will decide when I get it.

Walter said...

Since amethyst is purple quartz, it has a hardness of 7 Moh and it will scratch glass ( hardness 5 ) and steel blades ( about 6 Moh).
Even a steel file is only 6.5 Moh. Only hardened steels can scratch or cut quartz.
Try it by pressing an edge of the amethyst against a glass bottle ( not too firmly ! you could damage the edge ) and it'll make a scratch easily. Colored glass can't do that.
But even if it isn't amethyst, it's still a very nice jewel :)