17 February 2010

Hello from Copenhagen!!

I have managed to get access to the Internet at Copenhagen University. Thank god, I was beginning to feel withdrawal symptoms from not being able to surf the net.

That sounds really sad :(

Anyway, what can I say about Copenhagen. Well it is covered in about a foot worth of snow so it is cold. However unlike the UK, the country is still going about its daily business. I haven't had much time sightseeing since there isn't much to look at as it is covered in snow. I did visit the National Museum which was fun and brought a cheap magnet for my mother's fridge (don't worry it is a running joke in our family). Oh and if any of you plan to visit this city be prepared to spend money! It is expensive, even just buying a simple sandwich is around 4 GBP. Ok that may not sound like a lot of money but I am unemployed so every penny counts.

Actually the main reason why I have not gone sightseeing is that I spent most of my time at the University reading my book and just enjoying the peace and quiet that I have missed since moving back home 2 years ago.

When I get back I suppose I better start looking for some temporary work until my boyfriend returns from Canada. Although I have a kanzashi design that I would like to make. But I haven't decided to put it up for sale as I like to own a copy of all my kanzashi designs and I do not know if I can find suitable fabric for future creations.

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Walter said...

That is actually what kept me from going to visit any scandinavian country : it's so bloody expensive there. Everybody comes back with staggering stories of how expensive the beer, the food, etc.. is.
That and the fact I can't make head or tails of their languages.
Enjoy your stay and keep us posted.