3 February 2010


After a rubbish start to the year and the lack of job vacancy I thought I need to cheer myself up.

My boyfriend has been invited by the University of Copenhagen Maths Department to give a talk and I'm tagging along for the fun. The tickets have been brought and now we just need to sort out accomodation (which we hope the university will provide) and travel money.

Question for anyone, how much spending money per a day should I take? I will need to sort out travel money soon and since I don't intend to visit Denmark in the near future I don't want to have too many Danish Krone at the end of the trip.


shigatsuhana said...

How long are you staying and when? I have a Danish friend who now lives in Lithuania, but I'm sure she could suggest how much you should take.

Kitty Kanzashi said...

From 14th Feb to 19th Feb so only 5 nights. I am planning on spending the whole time exploring Copenhagen city and eating.