9 May 2010

New lunch box

I'm a little bit too old to get excited about a new lunch box but this one is great!

It is a little bit bigger then standard bento boxes that you can buy but the good thing about this one is that it is insulated! Therefore one can make something hot in the morning and it should be warm at lunchtime.

Supposedly you can carry soup as well and it will not leak but that will need to be tested. I'm thinking of creating noodle soup where the bottom container will contain all the ingredients (noodles, meat and veg) and the top container has the stock.

So many possibilities!! I can't wait to use it.


Walter said...

Can you microwave these ? Heating up the stock would be interesting . What's the size ? And the left one has compartments ! Where can I get them ?
Do I sound excited ? That's because I am .. excited

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Ok answers.

Yes you can microwave it!

The full capacity is 0.95l.

The bottom compartment has got a separate little pot which can be removed.

I got mine from Lakeland for only £9.99 but it is not a regular item they hold. You can buy them on ebay as I have checked, just dearch for Aladdin Bento lunch box.

Yes I understand your excitment.