3 May 2010

Opps another impulsive buy

I am sure any girl will know this feeling, they see or think of an item and for some strange reason you become obsessed in hunting down this item, finding a bargain and then buying it all in a space of a couple of days.

Well this was me a few days ago when I had this urge to get a randoseru. The backpack that Japanese school children use for 6 years. I had a quick look and found out that the straps can be lengthen so an adult could wear one. So it is unusual and cute, well that fulfils my criteria for a handbag however a very big hurdle. Yep price. I know the bags last for 6 years of heavy use but $200 on ebay ekkkkkkkkk. I have to admit that is only $33 a year but I have a backpack that is 12 years old and that only cost me £30 and I take that back everywhere!

Oh I could get a second hand one for $50 but part of me wants it new so off I went to Crescent Shop to see what there is. And low and behold there they were with a starting price of only 1 JPY can you believe.

Too good to be true was my next thought but I asked Crescent Shop and it would appear to be for real so I made my bid and got one for 2000 JPY = $22.62 on their conversion rate. There appeared to be another bidder who was nabbing all these cheap randoseru from this seller.

Hopefully after the two lots of postage and packaging it will not exceed $50-$60 in total or I wouldn't have made a saving from the second hand ones on ebay but at least it is new! I am now praying that this is the real deal and that I haven't wasted my money.


Mireia said...

Hi! I'm an spanish girl with the same feeling with this cute backpack: I need it! Could you tell me the link where you finally find it? Thanks!!!

Kitty Kanzashi said...

I brought it a couple of years ago on Yahoo Japan auction. I used a shopping service called Noppin to get it though.