7 September 2010

Finally recovered from the weekend!

Wow what a hectic weekend!

For all you people who do not know, I had a stall at the Art in the Garden event in Sheffield Botanical Garden selling my kanzashi. Although I didn't sell out (which I didn't expect too), I received a lot of positive comments for my creations with many people saying that it is nice to see something different. Also quite a few of my business cards were taken so hopefully they will become future orders!

Of course to receive maximum attention I had to wear one of my bold kimono and what better then my new purple yabane ko-furisode. My helper for the weekend, April (who was kind enough volunteer her time and effect) also brought along her kimono to wear. So a big thank you to April!

Unfortunately I don't seem to have any photos of myself in kimono despite spending a total of 17 hours in kimono (which is a record for me). Never mind but I did notice a lot of people taking pictures of April and I, so one is bound to pop up on flickr for me to copy (I hope).

Anyway, now I have the long task of listing my kanzashi onto my etsy shop which I'm looking forward too.


shigatsuhana said...

It was great fun Isla! You and Dave were wonderful hosts. :) I have plenty of pictures on flickr from the event so feel free to take and use whatever you like.

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Oh dear the only one you have of me is the one where I was wearing trainer. What a fashion disaster!

shigatsuhana said...

Yes, it was the only full-body kimono shot I had of you. I should have had you pose after you took my photos.

Walter said...

The kanzashi look beautiful. Nice weather too. Good luck with the shop.