22 September 2010

A quick update on my life!

Ok update time!

I have been applying for stalls at Christmas Markets and although I failed to get one with Candy Craft Market at the Millennium Gallery, I succeed in getting one at the Crucible which is great! This will be held on the 27 November 2010 so if you are around then why not visit!

I'm still not sure how I should finish off the kusudama.

Should I make it in the traditional way or use it to make a modern kanzashi?

Oh and finally Lyuba and I have been arranging the first and second Kimono de Jack UK event which is very exciting. Lyuba has been a very busy bee getting a twitter and blogger account for Kimono de Jack UK and I just created the Facebook group so that we have a place to share all the photos and announce events for members.

The first one will be held on 23 October at Trafalgar Square in London and there is not plans on what we are going to do. We will probably enjoy the sights and sounds of London, take lots of photos and exchange kitsuke ideas.

The second one is on 13 November at Stables Market in Camden where we will be visit a new Tea Bar (YUMMY). Obviously we will be eating, drinking and shopping at Camden Market so if you are going to turn up in kimono make sure your kitsuke is robust!

The extent we are willing to go just to wear kimono is extreme!


Lyuba-chan said...

where is that market? Is it near London? I tried to google it, but got one up in Yourkshire? lol

I also emailed Kimono de Jack date to JAPAN-UK 150 event calendar. So who knows.... maybe they will actually put it up there ;) :) It's under review right now :)

Kitty Kanzashi said...

Oh wow that would be great to get on JAPAN-UK calendar, we could get more people!

shigatsuhana said...

Lyuba, Isla now lives in Sheffield which is in Yorkshire, so most likely that craft fare will be in Yorkshire somewhere.

Walter said...

You're on the JAPAN UK calendar !