16 April 2011

Kimono de Jack UK - April meetup

My favourite event of the month. Kimono de Jack Uk! This time a picnic to celebrate the hanami or cherry blossom season. As the weather has been quite warm, the cherry blossom have already bloomed in many places so I was hoping the ones in Hyde Park are still there.

Nothing to report on the train journey only next time I'll booked a seat in the quiet coach. Two girls arguing the finer points of a card game and then sulking afterwards is not fun. However children are brilliant at making their lives as annoying as possible.

The weather was lovely, sunny but with a light breeze. Very pleasant weather for kimono. Today I wore my cotton awase kimono with sakura all over it with a gold fukuro obi and blue obijime and obiage. Why blue? Because some of the sakura on my kimono are blue and I wanted to give the outfit a bit of colour without making it look more busy.

I got a little disoriented when I left South Kensington tube station and after going in the opposite direction for the first couple of minutes I made my way to the memorial. Everyone was already there by the time i got there so we got straight down to setting our mini banquet.

For some strange reason the conversation group wanted to sit apart from us but we couldn't figure out why because there was plenty of space under the sakura trees.

Having a picnic under a blossoming sakura tree was a lot of fun and we couldn't have asked for better weather. It got a little cloudy but that didn't affect us as we were all in kimono and actually the cooler weather meant that we were not suffering from heat exhaustion.

We were also joined by Mary from Hyper Japan who wanted us to do a 30 minute fashion show! So if all goes according to plan you will see us on stage at Hyper Japan 2011.

However this meetup is all about having fun and we even met a few new people which we hope to meet again in the future.

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