12 April 2011

My my time does fly!

So 2-3 April was Kitacon 3 for me and my kimono buddies!

As always we made plans but it didn't quite work out however we got our stall setup in time and it was time to trade.

For our first time, I think we didn't do to badly! Lots of lessons have been learnt and the next time we will be better organised.

Here are some photos of the day from my friends' cameras since I didn't get a chance to take pictures.

This is picture is just hilarious. Tom was such a laugh and doesn't he make a lovely oiran.

And as Hong was all dressed up wa-lolita style we thought we would have fun.

For some reason I can pose as a man really well (who would have guessed)

And here is April showing Lyuba who is boss.

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